Onboarding the Masses
to the Blockchain Ecosystem

Onbloc is a leading Gnoland blockchain software company building
Adena and Gnoscan to make it easy to build applications on Gnoland.


Onbloc is a R&D company driven by a vision of removing the
friction that exists in Web3 adoption. We focus on building the core
infrastructures and tools such as non-custodial wallets, block-explorer,
nodes, and DeFi applications to accelerate the mass adoption of blockchain.


Gnoland is a public blockchain initiative led by Jae Kwon, the creator of
Cosmos Network and Tendermint. As an active contributor to the Gnoland
ecosystem, Onbloc is committed to developing Gnoland-native dapps, operating
a Gnoland validator, and investing in aspiring projects building on Gnoland.


The Gnoland Wallet

Adena is a friendly, open-source, non-custodial Gnoland wallet,
built for Gnomes worldwide. Adena exists to power millions of realms and
tokens that will flourish the Gnoland ecosystem with a quality interface,
NFT & custom token support, and a seamless integration procedure.​

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The Gnoland Explorer

Gnoscan is a blockchain explorer for Gnoland.
Gnoscan provides information on the Gnoland blockchain
such as tx hashes, blocks, wallet addresses, and contracts
to make on-chain data readable and intuitive.

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The Gnoland Validator

Onbloc is partnered with the core members of the Gnoland ecosystem
to secure the network as one of the initial members of the Gnoland
validator set. Onbloc also runs a Cosmos validator to contribute
to the coexistance of the both ecosystems.

Gnoland (Soon) Cosmos Hub


Seoul, Republic of Korea